Dancing Free

Am I

On the floor again?

Sinking in the flood?

Rain shits on my face

I’m so cool

Oh dad, yell at me some more

Go cut a baseball in half with a butcher knife

Skin that cool cat at the club

Savor the remedy

I’m interested

Say you more?

Nay, worry worry worry street

Incandescent fluidity of thinking too hard

Like the elephants and their dead young

Morning comes

Sad story, bitch, but hit me again

And the bills come down

The parks and recreation district won’t be happy about this one

Time in time in a spiral so locked the forceps and crowbar can’t crack it

In, in, in

No relation


Hate, but forget about it

Bitch, this sad thing, it is the bitch

I’m all erased and stuff

All crap all crap in this scene is dust

I inhale the library fumes and have lucid dreams of nother world

So slap me!

I’m in the midst of the murderers

Don’t say they haven’t rubbed off on me

Nature doesn’t play dice

Just genotype them and lock up the loafers

All soft, grand nuance in sternum ocular victual

Painting says to me, “Forget about her feet, breasts, and hair”

Didactic aggression

Silent dissidence

Due time, overworked overloaded dancing


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