Who Am I to Let Go?

Who am I to decide what’s best?

I can’t but hope for there to be less

When one lets go the chain is dropped

No reason to stop, to let go of the cops

I’m in my mind and outside the grass grows

I’m tall and strong, what else does onto the window blow?

Maybe someday we can see each other in clear light

But for now, I suffer and you suffer this blight

All cradled in glory, the humans won’t let it go

But I just want to, in this point, blow

Off my heart, with calibre of steel and loss

Better off with a winning smile, boss

Don’t fucking wait for me next time

It is an expensive dime

In due time we’ll all see

This is a mess, a ridiculous decree

Don’t let go of dreams

Even if they lead you to the seems

Of your greatest nightmares

You decide if you’re really there

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