This Way That Way, All Together… Right?

Burn it

Burn it to the core and see inside

Inside yourself, for once, inside others and inside the world

The beauty of a timeless treasure once lost, regained

To imagine the bounty of life in all its splendour

I lie, in my inner being, on somber moment for spell of thirst

To drink the blood of deer and cat and grant

Grant my memory to them, for they are death and reincarnation

No somnolence in study or loss of memory

But wonder and tawdry nuance

Still, complete as a picture is want to be, so as it is said

We all see, this photo of the mind in the space surrounding

To see too little, so little, but the raw grains of truth, love, and beauty

The rice splits, the pot boils over

The time is come to dance like an angel

To feel the royalty of denouncement

And the hilarity of it all

Laugh! Laugh! Laugh at your enemies

For they are the funniest people you will ever meet

And see what joy they bring you with their anger

It is still, in the underground

It is still, in the pool of memory and time

So one more time:

Tell me, where do you live?

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