The Club

Hey! Over here!

Yeah sit down.

Okay alright

So you see your lazy Sundays?

You see your shit work ethic?

Let me explain it to you:

In school you were a good student

You were in the zone

But all you really were was a well-oiled gear in the system

You fit

Now you are out of tune



And covered in used oil

You don’t quite fit the gear ratio in this system anymore

You’re getting old, my friend

It’s not you

It’s your place

Here’s the conspiracy that no one realizes:

When you’re born, you’re in the club

You stay in the club for a while, maybe into your young twenties

But with the slightest falter

You’re kicked out

And once you’re out, you’re out for good

And you can never get back in


So lament all you want

It’s true

Your life is over

You’ll never be back in your groove

Because the groove is occupied by another needle

Someone else’s needle

Someone who’s sharp as a tack

Because they’re young

And in the club

This one doesn’t seem done yet. I really like the idea so I’ll probably revisit it in the future. Expect other versions on here later.

One thought on “The Club

  1. Possible issues:
    -may advocate old people to hate young people (subtle hate crime–try to remove from piece)
    -not long enough
    -not interesting enough
    -more visuals!
    -v. good idea, flesh it out more
    -reader may not “get it” or know what I mean (see details / flesh it out)


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