One Billion Cracks / But Do Keep Going

The universe is of geometry

The nature of space and time can be written down on a chalkboard

We haven’t captured anything

It’s still out there

A computer simulator can let you scroll and scroll and scroll and not even reach Saturn

For fifteen minutes

The universe is big

Fuck, like a dick

It’s so big

I’m lost

I have no outreach

I’m suppressed

The universe is big

This is garbage

I’m a fuck

I’m a piece

Then the weed pipes get tossed

This is a simple train of thought

I’m not creative

This isn’t poetry

Go home

Go to work

I’m not a part of your circle

Stop using the second person, twat(s)!

It sounds like you’re talking to someone

Yeah, bad poetic etiquette

Well I concede

The white flag and gin are yours

I’m just bleeding from an acne scar on my mid-arm

I’m naked, dirty, dirty naked

Not like that

I have bacne

Sounds like bacopa

An herb

Not THE herb

Why does it get that title?

It’s only a time before my suppression kicks back in

And I am silenced again

Is this what it feels like not to have the constant fear that your life is threatened?

Am I at peace?

I’m so confused

No one gets it

It’s bland

It’s startle-weary

I’m so short

Change me

This is garbage

And I know it

But I want to keep going

Because writing–even garbage–feels so damn good

Oh, is it luscious

The darkest chocolate

The biggest black hole

Gamma rays

I’m immersed in the beauty of creation

For once I feel it…

I’ve always felt it, but I was in such a deep hole it was a rescue

Not a pleasure

A mere pedantic note

I won’t bore you

But I will vent

This hole needs a butt

And the butt needs a hole

Well I’m neither

But I do accede the position

The contract

Of head hauncho

Fuck I hate my family

What is wrong with me

I’m so single

I’m so star struck

This is garbage

I say that

I say that

it’s  over

It’s over

I’m sunk

I’m fallen

I give up

I’m alive

I give up

I’m alive

I give up…

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