I Have Nowhere to Go but Low Engagement Rates

I have nowhere to go but low engagement rates

I’m a cynic

Like Diogenes

Help me

I am poor

Oh I am so helpless

Help me

I am poor

Oh am I so helpless

Give me a song

I’ll give you a bang

Not the door

Not the trumpet

Just the belle

Pretty beauty

Stumbling over drunk

I’m the homeless one

Preparing for my future

She’s the ritz

Like a bayonetta

Like a haranguery

I fidget

And make up words

No one knows where this is going


Not me

But I respect it

I won’t talk to anyone

Breaking the fourth wall is a bit worn

Not quite worn but overused

Approaching worn

Help me

I am the hopeless one

With no home or water

To water my cat

I live in the city with the rats

The rats’ city

We are clean off the sheets

Way to white out white out

Carry bull carry lettuce

It’s the augmentation of the century

No one gets it

I’m full of glee

I’m homeless

Help me

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