Party for Old Timers






The coincidence doesn’t end there

That day you stepped in gum on the side walk of SF and we had to limp on home


Didn’t rain on us

Didn’t drizzle

The sound of noontide never winks


Distaste is astounding

The crop circles and

Rhyme or reason to the madness

No hero in cape ever wanted

A dry martini like you did


At last the temporal shift catches up to

The capital-P Present (moment)

It’s justified but never with evidence

In hell the loathsome throw parties

In my mind I recall the city


Skylight and low-lives

Low vibes

Mega lowkey

No one hides here

This is not a shelter


In abundance, soft

Hear her words

The suggestion is to go the other way

To capital-W Win at the game of life

Hyphe hyphe hyphe hyphe /


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