Dead Horizon As Yet of Unknown, Once Again

Please start music before proceeding to read poem for full experience:



I don’t know if putting this here will maximize the value

I’m all for optimization

But do I have any other choice?


Back in the day–think Ancient Greece–you had to go to great lengths to become a leader

It was one in too many who broke through

Now they sell leadership certificates through common coursework by the dozen

Who wants to be a leader?

Just take a class.


One kick in too many asses

I’m not trying to gross anyone out

I’m just playing the imitation game

Decoding my own mind’s electrophysiological functions

I’m the laziest I’ve ever been

I won’t ever make it


This terminates the creative train of thought

Who strains backwards and forward for a schiff of wheat

I’m not learning anything

I am a dead end


Without being too dreary

The overcoming won’t come for me

I’m in the underclear

Narry a dander light on the horizon

Narry my mellow father mother son


Dandruff n shampoo



Dandruff n shampoo


I’m sorry guys! Time dilation! I realized the poem is too short–that it took longer to write it than it does to read it, and therefore it is not “in sync” with la musique. Apologies possible extension in the future.

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