Cul de Sac

Ring the unnecessary from it

Send the formant a song

I’m a robot

You are too

We are so alone

I have a jury out on the phone

They want me

Oh how badly do they want me

They want you too

We are lost souls

There’s no net benefit from this dynamite

I’m stoned

There’s no exhaustive algorithm here

We must try again

With Atlas rolling joints

There’s no stand for my bust

But I’m busting you out

Go about

Your daily

I’m scent

In the night

They’ll never catch me


The rabble-rousing Irish adventurer in me

Says No more!

Tonight we conquer the beast!



The danger lurks near…

Why can’t I go wrong?


The vendetta grows stark

I’m alone

There’s no grass in this lawn

I walk past

Animatic motions of my wrist

Say hi to the neighbor

The parallax of real life

No one seems to care about


What is this journey for?

What’s it up to?

What’s it plotting behind my back?

Don’t go

Over that bridge

Without first eating the grenade

And blowing your mind up from the inside out


I’m fighting for my life


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