Psychic Rape

What with everyone digging under my skin and

Beating me up, I don’t have much left.

They say neurotransmitters control everything

I don’t really know

The zombies are crawling on me now

Everyone can’t seem to get enough of me

I can’t be left alone

It seems

No one is capable of it


It repeats

My mother’s neck turns into a loose snake

And she peeps right up in my grill

This happens often

I don’t know what to say

To her


A loose beat from time to time

And I am left alone

But it picks right back up!

And I am a torture victim once more


You just have to learn all their tricks,

I tell myself,

And you have to predict what they’re going to do

Where they’re going to move

Where you’re going to move

Before it happens

Before it strikes


The snakes strike me

I am venomized

The disease continues


Alcohol helps

As a last resort

I am at the beg and whim of my medications!

The real ones don’t do much

The self-medicated are discouraged by modern medicine

Oh my!

So much to keep track of!


But I’m not lost–

I just can’t escape.

There is nowhere on Earth

That another motherfucker wouldn’t find me

Bend me over

And do me in the ass mercilessly

As is want to be the case.

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