Not Now, Mr. Sidekick

You doubt

Your ego

I doubt

My sidekick

My shadow

We all take in

And let out

On the lawn

Territory covered

Nowhere but up to grow

I’m down

But the ladies

Eh, not the best of luck

The cheese

In my mouth

Is my royalty

It is my flavor

My solace

I make due with many varieties

You won’t know me

In ten years

But we had something

I think, together

But unwound

Full of life

But together, never stationary

Just trees in arboretums

Waiting it out

With the stillness of heart we share

I can’t but be amazed by your…

I don’t know what

People are fatal

But to know them

Is the key to the riddle

Just know people

Not like a mafia gangster

But like a human

A human knowing other humans

And we will lake the disturbances smooth

Time-averaging windows and peremptory findings

Of data points

I’m losing myself…

Once again.

Allow me to spread the cards on the table for you

Feel free to play

We whiskey we wind we unwound like spring socket puzzle toys

No manner

Just undue




So little

This is how it goes

One in, one out

Outta time

Never wander

Never obey

Just do it

So we can sweat

And feel the beat

Feel the beat of the modern drum grill us down

Slab of meat two-sided

Flippant side-kick

Never lets go…

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