Rinse Your Hands With the Clean Dagger and Fell Your Sorrow on the Shoulder of a Single Giant, I Am the Sparrow in the Night, Nestled, Freezing, Soaring

People who pay attention to actions instead of voice

The choir

The cathedral

A list of nouns

None of that

I’ll have it

I’ll eat it

I’ll take it


The tea is gone

This is the last kilo

Your girlfriend will stay

Unless she leaves

And if she does

It was her

Not your voices

Reverse scrolling

My nightmares turned my mother against me

I’m still uncomfortable with Females

How they assault

No one likes honesty

They say they do

But they’re lying


In simple terms

The end of the world is every night

You just don’t realize it

And when you wake up

Everyone’s forgotten

The things

That they…




A list of verbs

No one cares

It’s all in my stigma

It’s my imagination


You carouse you go do that you

And I’ll pay my attention over here

We can be separate and happy

And let’s just leave it like that


I’m not going anywhere

But listen to a choir sometime

This holy water

Is still H2O

This carousal

Is none of my business

Oh I stray


Arrows colliding with armor

And swords curbing tree flesh

Such fickle instruments

Of tension

Of hate

Of disguise

This world is not in the entry to a new…

I digress

This world

Is full

And there’s always room for more


Carouse, be still, dance, do as you must

I’m shuttered

I will keep the cold out

And lend you a silent ear

For when the water begins to seep

From the sky

And you need a home

Inside of a frame

For comfort

Or disguise

But rest assured

The memories will fade

And the ones that stand out

Will define you

Such power

In memory

Such strife

In forgetting

But belittle it

And have your laughter

I am twisted

I am your window


Give me up

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