Drug the Storm

Go through

Toss out all your old clothes

Find that pill

Stashed in those pockets


Found it



Distress yourself until you are haggard

I’m not royal queen


In your closet

That pill

And the happy

Make way for the happy


The lights


Some semblance of humanity

All to brief

But in this moment

We love each other mad

I can’t word it out

But you can

You’re high

And light the match

For the smoke

Light the bird on fire

Dump the ashes into the ocean

And, for once, float



Undiscoverable gratitude


A plentitude of shwag

Just the tip

No more


Sudden crash

The game is over



But alive

But dead

So dead

Like drowning in shallow water

No depth

Not even the possibility of emotion

Just move

Get the coffee

Go through the motions

Build back your muscle memory


And forget

And go through the motions

And build back your muscle memory

Hear yourself sigh

Hear yourself breathe at night


Go through the motions

Build up that muscle memory


Build a boat

Set to sea

And explore

Explore explore explore

Rampant art

The sharks eat the fish eat the algae

Bloom, you terd, go on vacation

Rage at the dying of the night

Play a rap song


And just jump

The cliff

Is bottomless

Legal Disclaimer: This poem in no way advocates for suicide or drug use.

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