Disregard for Preparatory Norms: Filth, Misgivings, and Nationhood

I write for glory, myster, mystique and the rest of the fodder eating shit at my doorstep

They want me so bad

I have no clue how I got into this mess of a shit of a mess in my apartment complex

Complex as I am, I do not know

But that’s not the fifth bit of it. Bite, sow, bite.

Now there’s an idea

Well, let it go and come back later when you want some filth

This thing that follows me never gives up

But it gave up

It gave up just now

I’m all alone in love with myself and I love it I love it

This is the best  party, the toucan party

No misgivings, just Kroatian golfers and a smidgeon of dew

The sacred relics, the material components of a spell

And the new ideas that never seem to surface

I am a part of this and them and they let me go whenever they please

For once I can think

For once I am w h o l e

Like the word

Or the terd

But who cares

It’s not about caregiving

It’s about neglect

It’s not about murder

It’s about  patterns

There’s a skull in my head and I love it I love it

No one will ask me why or where it came from

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg

You sluts

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