Just free-forming here:

It was hot in my room yesterday, now

It’s cold in the room.

My brother returned home from Chicago yesterday with a grimace

My mother and I spend time together

I am unemployed.

It’s not a dead-end. I just can’t go back to the lab. I have to find a new career.

That work killed me.

Or was it the plant

I consume?

Filth, filth


Never wandering (fuck I overuse “wander” and “wonder”, but I just like those words so much)

Ever wandering (might as well rub it in)

Ever wondering

Never wondering

1 2 2 1

The Holy War

No man of faith went unarmed

Now we are here

A million dead and two civilization overturns later

(Is “overturns” a word? It’s not a noun, is it?)

Men of faith…

Who have nothing.

I fell asleep naturally last night

No drugs

It felt so much better

A clear head

And I woke up on time, full of energy

God, is this what a healthy body feels like?

I had no idea it was doing this to me

That’s the worst part: not knowing

Actually, really, not knowing why you feel so weak and exhausted and restless and psychotic all the time

Obvious conclusion would be the plant

But, it never checked out with my inner sensors

Ho-hum, ho-hum digging in the mines for gems

We be dwarves!

Glichtes unite, for we rule the universe!

‘Guess I was fooled…

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