I guess we’re writing about this.

My brother got home from his all hands and when he walked upstairs and saw me, he said “Hi” with a grimace, and that was it. I went back to my room.

Does he hate me?

Pause there.

Just pause.


Did I do something to him?

Why’s he so angry at me all the time?

I don’t get it. What did I do to him. Why am I single-lining my sentences, while we’re at it. God. I don’t know what to do to rescue this relationship. I’d say he’s just cold and uncaring, and there’s nothing I can do to save him.

Yeah. That’s my conclusion. But I can’t this can’t fucking be this way. I have no idea.

Guh. I’m tired. I doubt I’ll be getting to sleep anytime soon. Nothing to do but listen to new music. Yeah. Tired.


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