This is stupid.

I was at the shoe store today with my mother and we got me a new pair of tennis shoes and a new pair of walking shoes. They’re both very nice.

I had this need to be perfect for everyone there. Otherwise they would make me look bad. They were looking for flaws in me. I’m a monster, out of control, but it’s not me. I’m being framed and possessed. By demons. They control me, and I lash out.

My cousin is a sculptor in Eastern Europe and he needed more money. He has a family. He got a job in construction and it’s soul-crushing. He is an artist. I hope you understand. My mother and I sent him $400, which is a lot for them.

Fish feather hooks

Weather takes me by surprise

I have no boat to sell

So I rise by the sunlight and yawn

What a morning

What a morning

The mockery is intense

I’m the criminal they found

I’m on trial

I’m convected

I’m innocent

No wonder

The world

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