It’s Done

So it’s finally over. The torture.

I got fired.

I’m “mentally touched”, without legal disability but with psychiatrist, and my company couldn’t accommodate me. So they’re letting me go, with some severance pay (not too much but a good amount).

I’m so so so so glad it’s finally over. Working at my company (employee still until Friday) has been a fucking nightmare. My psychosis was regularly overwhelming and it felt literally like living in a lucid nightmare, WHILE trying to get shit done. And that shit is helluv tedious, intricate, delicate, sensitive, detail-oriented shit! It’s biology! Working in a lab sucks. Don’t do it. (Unless you actually like it, you lucky sunuvagun.)

Ugh. Talking about it doesn’t make me feel so good, though. Maybe I’m resurrecting demons I shouldn’t be. TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING, or, as a neighbor on WP says, Write long and hard about what hurts. =)

I didn’t do anything to get fired. My psychiatric accommodations required were just too much for the company. I won’t go into the details for confidentiality reasons. It wasn’t anything too much. Basically I COULDN’T FUCKING WORK IN LAB BECAUSE IT WAS TORTURE. Ugh. And my brain didn’t handle it well.

I know, I know. Shh-shhh. Gentle.

I’m tired. I don’t like writing. This isn’t an interesting topic. I just wanted to update you.


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