Passage of Time

Man the last days of August absolutely dragged on, while these first few days of Sep. absolutely flew by! Whoosh! Such contrast. I wonder why.

To celebrate our misconstrued passage of time, here is a poem! I’ll try to keep it simple.

He huffed instead of hmmed

Because he was older

And grew backwards

From sage to child.

He grimaced instead of smiled

Because time was slowing down

Not accelerating like he had hoped;

But au-contraire, he liked it–

The subtle bits of hallucination embedded in his clock

And the way it ticked just like him.

He met and kept meeting and knew how to make do

Foreboding himself, setting the future for the past a passage

Through itself, under itself, through the forested woods.

Limestone and rust–no texture mattered more than that of the fabric of time

In which he wrapped himself, it simultaneously bumpy and smooth,

Delicate and rough

Sandpapered silk.

Damage? Unknown (to him)

Just saying Hi! to strangers

Along the way

And sinews snapping and reforming

The synapses of the watch on a parapet

The bridge connecting here to there–

Never forever, ever always,





~Don’t work overtime unless they pay you, folks!

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