Gala, soft spot fer her

Yep, right in between thousands of bicycles

I guess some people think it sounds better live

Yep, there’s a glitch right on the computer’s screen

Letting through the bits and filtering out the wit

I’m a whore, dumping this misogyny on the world

You know me, we dance and we let out some steam

Then the clean things say, “Louder, louder”

And I forget, the world forgets, me-me-me


I lived with my family for the years

In the same house, they were years wasted

We could have been in love

And laughing

But time holds no bias for how you spend it

We could have rode bicycles

We could have rode bicycles


There’s an unused piano and a drum set in the garage

Downstairs, yeah, that’s where we go to smash

That’s where wo go to make a ruckus

No disdain in these eyes, in this heart, only capability


Soft spot, yeah, for them all, but F–could’ve lasted longer

Hell, could’ve had fun

But that’s just how it is

The closest to you are hardest to love and you’ll know that someday

So don’t go on vacation with your sister, man

You know it, eye-sore, yeah, you know the stain on the retina

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