Anthropods: Mental Models

I sort of get infected by the nightmare of people

What I mean by that:


They, the people in my sphere, in my perception,

Come to life, on my inside, in my mind.

Doesn’t mean it’s authentic.

I have–my brain has–enough information to make a mental

Model of the person.

But it shies out of control. Tends to.

So, I “see” people doesn’t really adhere to canon.

They’re not really there–

Only, they are.


The modelling parameters are corrupt, when

Such “nightmare people versions” are instanced

In my mental model

So the people look nasty, or malicious, or what-have-you

There’s no web certificate of authenticity

There’s no SSL encryption

Just the barrier between inside and outside

So I see them:

The people I already see

On the outside, on the inside


I think I’ve explained it

Any ambiguity can be discussed in the comments section

Thank you for coming to my TED talk

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