Burnt Dirt

This is about me

This is about my mind

I stall, when my engine hits the sky

I flail, when there are no other Pokemon in my pokebelt

I guess, if you insist upon it, I can tolerate abuse

But I’m the lowest on the chain

Fiscally responsible, still dreaming

Nothing too important is gone

Just mountains of livelihood

Tunnels of security

The engineering required to brave the natural problems that come up

Will will will me to recovery?

I am the low one

Will sadness be my saving grace?

It’s hard to explain, but everything can be charred

All materials combust with enough heat applied

And so I, like the Jews, hide from power

The borders are still open

Naturally, I go when I can

I am burnt dirt

I am the stick in the mud, on fire

I am the mud

I am the fire

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