Maybe Justice Can Quietly Make Due with All this Fruit

The tenderest thing a criminal can do is be a brother to his fellows

We all seek justice in our minds

But who braves the mountains on the horizon/in the distance when the pluie saddens the soul?

It is limited, the mannerism decoy aggregation in the face

I smile, but do you laugh?

No one knew which way the signs were pointing ever-ever-ever

But somehow we make do

I like the luxury hotel, I like the love in the intestines

Swirling, twirling, girling

Female, static, and abrupt romance

No on cares, really, but that’s not the fault

Earthquakes shake the gates to the company

I remember mine, somehow, I remember to wake up everreh’ single fuckin’ day

No one knows where they relish their Gods

Delocalization is the new voice of the era

Particles can stay behind

Limit me, limit this, and maybe we can be friends again

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