Someone Might

The silly part is you know me already

I wasn’t going to dumb that one down for you just b/c ur special

But character shines

So something that sucks is…?

Questionable, the habits, I give rise to

And the meter in the fridge

Cool, cool, lay it down, lay it out, lay all over the mat and spread out your organs

One by one, daintily

For sale, we have the cash, we have the will, we have the heart

What do you have?

A weekend?


In other words:

Spaniards in the East Asian Pacific find solace in rumor that pick pockets are at bay

Well, doesn’t that save them a fuck

Meter, in tune, in time, the nautical mile

Neigh, neighbor, helium


Weather balloons are liter for the sky

But think of the information, bro

Think about it


Last stanza, I  promise:

There goes the remainder

Blew past math class like a lime sliced up and served on the side of a fancy hot cocktail

Microwaved minds and mildew matters

Won’t spend too much

Won’t asterisk* your heart

Just plain matters

Just the floor

The ceiling

The windows

From which we can see

I held a baby in my hand

It dropped itself

No one knows

No one spouts intellect

Preachers must crossbreed with intelligentsia

To save the saviors

But I’m none of that

My art is dead

Mildew and spoons

Mildew and spoons

The regurgitator wants more hek

Well then, just kek

Little by little, the crawl up the board nailed to the plank in the room where we live

Is installed

And nails clipped glued together to a massive misconstrual

Demise the letter

Demise the bend

Demise the natural instinct to hate

And that is a promise

I won’t go into politics

I’m the lime

It’s a joke

You can go now

Back to your you

I don’t grant that

But if it’s still

Someone might

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