Disturbed Deposit

The laden carbon mixed in the air deposited itself on the surface of my skin

As I melt on mars little people on Earth say hello

We are all here for the candy

But can we stomach it…

I’m a memory, split between you and the bean

Stalk, split here right here like that just so

And remember and remember the net says go the net says go


I won’t help you recover when I’m sitting still

Because I can’t

I won’t help you see the future where I’m located in the back room

Where I can’t where I can’t

And major denominations of the occult collude to map the sky

Sending stars down chimneys and stirring up ruckus

We all remember the hay days


But enough polite misgivings:

The police want my atoms

And I have too many

So the donation is forced

Diming me and sending me home

My cell

My corrupt connection

To my job, family, and neighborhood

I am localhost, I am green tender

Net worth: Too much beard stubble and an atomic clock

Made of carbon dust

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