P. State

Hey! yeah You!

Watch me like you do

I’m always under you eye

Am I naught?

What about this twisted plot

Don’t you understand?

I am in your sand

I am in your stand

I comprehend and reprimand

The police

The police!


Never set up quite as well as before

It’s always hovering

I am in the whore

Hack it, burn it

Put up boundaries and break walls

The engineers are all at fault

Who designed this scheme?

I’m in rhythm, I’m in green

Let the capital flow

I change and the doves befriend me

Never go


In another way, we are all safe

But safety is the enemy

And the right way to exist is now a prescription

Not from the doctor, not from family

But from the collective will of supply and demand

I believe in capitalism

Protect the money! hunny bunny

But don’t forget:

We’re watching too

So you think you police us

But really, guess who?

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