So I’m gonna do it. I signed up for a 1 hr intake phone interview with the california civil rights department to discuss my intimidation and abuse at work.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Oh no!!!

    Jeesh. I’m sorry. If they don’t take you serious there are maybe other routes too. It may be a long battle though. Stay strong, breath…… the righteous prevail, if not here in heaven. To me heaven is a clear conscience and peace in my heart. 💖💋

    1. It’s really honestly not in my favor because I have a diagnosed mental illness and no proof other than really bad vibes and terrible communications and body language from coworkers and management. But I feel so hurt, I just have to do it.

      1. I wouldn’t do it. It sounds to me like your setting yourself up for failure and while I love a great Nancy Kerrigan moment in life you get enough of them without seeking them out.

        I say stay focused on you and healing yourself and let the past go. Move on. Dwelling on it, which is the only thing I see coming from this will be negative.

        My two cents but having been there and done that….I’m trying to stear you clear. Good luck!

        1. There’s no real way to move on. I still work this. This culture of fear and intimidation is going to continue. The only thing that could happen is I recover fully and no longer perceive my coworkers as threats to my life. It definitely could happen.

            1. So you’re saying… I might not recover and just continue to be “abused”? Cuz that’s the other of the two things. Either recover, or not. I don’t see any other option for my future. You’re either sick, or not.

              1. Well the Cal Civil Rights Dept. isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If it gets worse and I get more proof I could definitely strengthen my case.

              2. Well….it’s like I told my manic depressed friend. He chooses to lead a life not conducive to his health and happiness so I told him his only other choose then should be to accept that he will be manically depressed his while life and thereby……allowing himself to be happy or at the very least settled with it. Know what I mean?

                1. That’s kind of confusing, actually. He should just accept his disease and expect it to magically get better without doing anything about it?

                  1. It won’t magically get better but accepting it will release him from constantly beating himself up about it and feeling not normal or not good enough or bad about himself.

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