I just want you all, when you finally sign back on, to know that you make blogging ultra-discouraging. This is entirely a failed experiment. I have never felt supported on here. Three likes on a poem with 200 followers and no feedback on my personal life isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

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  1. Blogging IS discouraging, sometimes, but it does seem to be working for you. You are expressing yourself, making sense of your own illness, and certainly practising your writing skills. Why do I not comment? I don’t know how. I could say to you that you are internalising, and giving me nothing of the world around you, but that is possibly unfair, So I trail in your wake, not certain how I should respond, Don’t ask me for pity, because I don’t know you, and anyway, life is the same bitch that bites us all, but I don’t hate you, and I would befriend you if you gave me anything to befriend?

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