And they see

And they look

And they know

Knowing is unforgivable

Knowing about me

Who deserves to know about me?

I’m not alone

But I’m alone

There’s a never-ending contradiction in front of me

And I can’t solve it

I’m not allowed to

By Nature

I’m the beast in the beauty

I stay solid

I do not dissipate

Though they want me to


Are always around

They have eyes in the chocolate

They have lies in the cocoa

I’m alone


And never


Allow me to explain what I mean by Alone


But surrounded by enemies

That wasy easy


You too?

No not really

No one else

But not just me

And followed

And custom agents

And the jist

Is restlessness

I feed them

With my thoughts

And they are paid

For theft



Never ends

And it’s always on the wrong target

I’ll try harder

And burn out sooner

Next time

It sounds like a plan

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