Leak kindly for the missus for song

For brotherhood for tawny owls

Hooved rivers seeking home across the land

The river is simultaneously here and there

It exists along its whole length but be at a section of it

And the water there has not yet made it farther

I do not know the repose of cousins in spring

I only know patterns

It isnt that, i say it, but

Capable trends and smooth over

The case. Undertow of brothers

Saken in sullen lofts, i cant find out

Why i came on time in the news.

When does it break? Whats the beat?

Saken still, crossover for the ford

And still-stolen time which i do not

Can not


Make way over simple mind and we may

Cross together when music remains and

Syllabic buster breaks that one

That one

Delineated stupor or candid story-

Telling doubtfully woe-stricken

Under my bed, he sings and rings and takes on all

The chores they make of you

When its forgotten.

I cannot sew these things until

Recognized, but what of identity may

Share, maybe, neighborly often stolen.

I cant name the virus which is under-

Ground, fallen from stool or stolen

From fall butter handed nightmares

Naked on the floor writhing like the cricket in

The stomach of the owl

Soda-eye neighbor lost for

Time and me are neighbors and wind

Down the flow for clairvoyant belonging(s) make way for

Make way for

Clacking beak and hooked claw

Over the bedframe, neighbor

Send me your time to tell

For telling, that is,

The lime and dime dust under all hours of staple due diligently

Under scrawl, shawl, we mix and diluvian repose

Puts pain first, nightmare life cant see

Any other way but thats all it is.

I crest heavily and we make falling

The best party.

I do not know where it came from

neighbor kidnapped bandana stroke yore

Fallen Pinto often makes me see

Maddening light scrawl.

When taken, be still over fall of leaf brown gold on small lake by the home.

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