We have to wait over 15 minutes for the train so my brother says now we might be late for the expensive tea party in the city.

What is it like to live in Thailand? Do they teach English in school?

I dont know. I dont know what else. I cant vape at the station because it is illegal and there are two girls down the bench i am sitting on talking in voices that make me really uncomfortable. Most talking girls make me really uncomfortable.

What else?

Ominous. Ominous repose. Insidious riposte. Is that how you spell it? It is from fencing which i tried to do in grad school but i didnt enjoy it and everyone triggered my social anxiety disorder. Most people are just bad people, but it is nothing against them.

Is that how it works? Fair evil? Unblameable malice? Maliquer.

Maybe i should read engineering which i do not understand.

So ad you will be able to tell, i am verbose in writing. I am a repressed extravert. I love chit chat- – when its in writing.

What else…


Should i leave?

I dont know what to say or do. Maybe i should leave.

Just listen to me, always talking about leaving. Am i a tree or something? I dont want to sau this, but: tree is a competitive tennis term for someone who is on a playing well streak.

I really miss liking video games. I miss liking anything. I dont like anhedonia. Liking video games was like, so joyful and engrossing, you could just go to another world at will. And so many. And yet i never finished a number of our rpgs. Ff8 anf 9 i never beat. I dont know why. They seem like good games. I am just not a good effective petzon. Petzonhood. In style.

Should i go? I dont know.

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